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A port is a node in a transportation network – a spatial system of nodes and links over which the movement of cargo (passengers) occurs and mode of transportation changes.

A port is also an economic unit that provides a (transfer) service as opposed to producing a physical product.

What is Port Operation?
Port operations' are the facilities and services provided by the port operator to the ships, passengers and cargoes within a port area.

Changing Paradigm in Port Management
Ports face several new challenges requiring them to meet:
  • Demands for sophisticated data communication solutions
  • Freight flow volume
  • Real time info to all stake holders
  • Seamless electronic data exchange
  • Environmental challenges
  • Global visibility and so on
  • This poses a question "how ports and maritime businesses can compete, serve their customers and address climate change?"

Port & Terminals Software portfolio:
  • Port & Terminal Management (Port Manager)
  • Container Freight Station Management (CFS Manager)
  • Port Agent & Stakeholder Management System
  • Forecasting
  • Graphical representations
  • Simulations
  • Real time scenario Planning and Decision Support (MIS-Dashboard)
  • User driven report creation (i.e. data mining)
  • Consultative approach – tailor made for each port
  • Inbuilt purchasing system
  • Provision to integrate with third party ERP, banking systems and Electronic devices (i.e. in house embedded and electronics team)
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