Container Freight Station Manager
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Container Freight Station Manager (CFS-Manager) is a single web-based platform for complete operational management of container terminals.
The solution covers all container terminal related activities – from end to end for both inward and outward movements.

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Dashboard – graphical reports

What is a Port?
  • A port is a node in a transportation network – a spatial system of nodes and links over which the movement of cargo (passengers) occurs and mode of transportation changes.
  • A port is also an economic unit that provides a (transfer) service as opposed to producing a physical product.
  • What is a Container-Freight-Station?
  • A port facility for loading and unloading containerized cargo to and from ships. Also called CONTAINER TERMINAL within a port
  • Container Freight Station
  • Import/Export processes
  • Graphical representations
  • Rake/train and truck movement recorded seamlessly
  • Real time scenario Planning and Decision Support (MIS-Dashboard)
  • User driven report creation (i.e. data mining)
  • Consultative approach – tailor made for each port
  • Inbuilt finance & accounting system
  • Provision to integrate with third party ERP, banking systems and electronic devices (i.e. in house embedded and electronics team)
How beneficial is it?
  • Informed decision-making: As information on all types of container activities and performances are available to the users at all times, qualified decisions can be made at all levels of the organization, avoiding bureaucratic processing
  • Holistic System: The system is designed to facilitate easy control and automation, thereby improving efficiency across all areas of container terminal operations through a single, integrated platform for trucking, rake/train, resources, vessel side operations for export and import both. Includes finance and accounting, dashboard and extensive reporting within the system too.
  • Easy integration: Effortless integration with third-party systems and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) based systems.
  • Electronic Data capture: The application provides in-built embedded support for automations like CCTV or web camera at truck gates, RFID sensors, Bar code readers, and more. These electronic devices can be added at various nodes within the container terminal and data can be captured directly into the system easily.
  • Customization support: Being a part of Esquire product suite, CFS-Manager is available for customization support for changes, addition or removal of sections, pages, reports and other sections within the system. Because we at Esquire, believe that application software products cannot be standardized for all.
Export Management
This module includes all processes involved in export operations and relevant activities:
  • Shipping Bill Entry/Filing
  • Cargo carting
  • Stuffing activities
  • Container movement activities
  • Special Service Request Activities
Import Management
Includes all processes involved in import activities and related operations:
  • Bill of Entry
  • BoE – Container mapping
  • Examination & De-stuffing – FAC/CFS
  • Cargo handling – outward / delivery
  • Special Service Request Activities
Gate Operations
Keeps track of all processes involved in railway activities and related operations. It includes:
  • Job order/Gate In-out permission
  • Inward / outward movement of Trucks
  • Inward / outward movement of rakes
  • Weighment of inward/outward road transport/rakes
IFinancial Management
Estimates tariff and resource charges, and includes sections such as:
  • Tariff card setup
  • Invoicing
  • Payment records
Dashboard – MIS & Reports
Exhaustive reporting of:
  • Export Reports
  • Import Reports
  • Cargo Yard/warehouse reports
  • Financial Reports
  • Charts and graphs:
  • Cargo Wise comparisons
  • Agent wise comparisons
  • Liner/ Shipper wise comparisons
  • more..
Electronic Data Capture & external interfaces
In-built embedded support for integrations with CCTV or web camera, RFID sensors, Bar code readers, GPS trackers and more.
Third party integration with banks, accounting systems, ERPs among others.
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