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Our core competence is to transform business data into value added insight. We use right fit technology solutions and have the latest infrastructure to develop business solutions supported by talent pool of professionals. Our niche is in maritime business solutions. We have multidimensional industry experts and visionaries in our team, further backed by a talent pool of software professionals. We are well aware of business pain points. Our specialty is in understanding explicit and latent need of stakeholders, and then providing "Business process excellence solutions" by evaluating process, analyzing alternatives and implementing best practices. We are lean, knowledgeable and pragmatic. We cater to full spectrum of any business.
Decision support systems/ Analytics/ Simulations

We build intelligent systems which can take decisions and simulate scenarios for managers and decision makers to choose from instead of relying on human intelligence and experience only for business as well as operational decisions. Apart from these real time scenarios and simulations, we do data mining and business intelligence on old existing or historical data as well for MIS, analytical reporting and analysis. The entire feature based tools and interfaces are made easy and user friendly in a dashboard format taking into consideration the user profiles and requirements after in-depth user research.

Mathematical Algorithms :
  • Neural Networks, image recognition, cluster analysis
  • Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT), Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • Text and Speech Recognition
  • Mathematical Modeling
IT Consulting- we help in
  • Requirement Analysis - designing new software applications
  • Advising on technologies to be used
  • Capacity building/value additions like BIs, KPIs
  • Designing surround systems for existing ERPs or applications
  • Feasibility Analysis - analyzing need for new software
  • Optimization
iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile Applications

We develop handy applications for phones (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry) using:

  • .Net technologies
  • OOP C/ C++
  • Java/J2E
  • Xcode
  • eclipse
Application Development/Co-Development

We develop in-house software applications from start-to-end. Our multi-skilled professionals are capable of following a full SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) from inception to sign-off. Apart from that we also cater to outsourcing/co-develop software application development by clients to our location, while the source codes being at the client's server.

Technology Skills

SAP implementation

Web and LAMP :

  • PHP (including PEAR, Propel, Symfony, Yii frameworks)
  • JavaScript and DHTML, CSS 1-3 and CSS selectors, AJAX
  • Python, Perl, shell, awk, sed, tcl/tk, AJAX (including prototype.js,
  • dojo, ExtJS, jQuery, YUI, mootools and original frameworks), REST, Cold Fusion
  • Adobe Flash / Flex / AIR
  • Apache modules, CGI, fastCGI

.NET :

  • .NET Framework (1.0 – 4.5), NET Compact Framework
  • LINQ, Azure, WPF, WCF, WWF, WIF, Web Services, Silver Light
  • Windows Forms, C# and J#, XML and Web services
  • ASP VBScript and JScript, CGI
  • Infragistics NetAdvantage
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Azure


  • XML / XSL / XSLT, DOM, SAX, XSL-FO, SVG, FOP, Batik, Saxon


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone 7/8
  • BlackBerry
  • Driver development for Windows CE / Windows Mobile
  • Mobile versions of sites (Responsive/HTML 5)


  • Mac OS X
  • C/C++/ C#/ Objective C
  • Visual Basic / VBScript / VBA


  • MS Access, MS SQL Server, SQL lite, Oracle, MYSQL


  • Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010/2013
  • Xcode
  • Photo shop, Flash, 3D MAX, Dreamweaver
  • Eclipse, Javabeans
  • Crystal Report, Microsoft Data Report and Oracle Report
  • Win chart Viewer, Chart Director, Fusion Chart
System Integration and Automation
We integrate various nodes of an IT network for seamless flow of data and its storage. Office Automation, digitization and data management are also our forte. Since, various applications run in various platforms in standalone mode or Web connected modes, it is not easy for data to get synchronized and saved in respective databases. So, we use latest porting/data migration techniques to solve this problem and enable easy and always available data for use. For systems where internet connectivity is either costly or unavailable, we provide easy and simple mobility solutions using Satellite communication and email systems for exchange of data, between stand alone systems and internet connected backbones. Also, we build systems for auto-migration of equipment readings into application database without manual input of data i.e. GPS, RFID, Fuel consumption output to software application.
Managed Services

We manage the total IT infrastructure of anyone needing it. This includes every node & parameter of your IT infrastructure, i.e. Server(s), Website(s), Mail system(s), software application(s), database(s), etc. Installation/Implementation- We cater to our, as well as any third party software or hardware installation/implementation at any location.

Usage - Helps clients' employees in using a software application Compatibility -Supporting clients' employees in checking and updating the compatibility of running an application

Bug - We help in checking and rectifying bugs or errors in any application due to hard codes, missing system software files, etc.

QA/Testing -We test and retest our products before deploying it. Also, we can test applications for others who need it

Data Entry -We enter data into the database of your application system. This is a monotonous and labour intensive but important as well necessary work while being very difficult and time consuming.

GIS-Map Based Applications & geo Fencing
We develop BI & reporting using maps in various formats for multiple layering as well reporting of various parameters & attributes. We use latest Microsoft & Google technologies for such solutions
Website & Portal Development
At the Esquire, we design & develop websites (mobile compliant) with CMS of Wordpress, php, We specialize in Ecommerce as well as simple HTML based websites. Our content management system gives you full control. We will help make your website your most effective selling tool. Our design process is aimed at increase conversion rates. We also integrate your website with social media and other web marketing mediums to help users engage with you online. Post development we manage and operate the infrastructure too.