Marine Personnel Manager
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Marine Personnel Manager (MPM) is an advance software solution designed to optimize crew management. It makes up a complete personnel system covering the wide spectrum of functions needed by a modern shipping company. It keeps track of complete crew information such as personal, bank, passport, CDC, certificate, training, rest hour, appraisal etc. It also calculates month end payroll of crew according to crew onboard days, overtime, advances, allowances for all vessels and their onboard account. It also has an online test sub system where all kinds of questions (Objective/Subjective) can be created dynamically & assigned to examinees. Assigned test timings, number of questions can be set while assigning a test to an examinee, by an examiner. The online test timer measures & ends the test after the assigned time.
How beneficial is it?
  • Easy tracking of crew on board, traveling, training, leave and stand by, along with payroll management
  • Ensures that vital crew related information, performance evaluation records, payroll details, rest hour, health/medical history and many more
  • Holistic system - online test application is part of the system to enable candidates appear test online from anywhere
  • Seamless data sync between vessels and office
  • Direct impact on bottom line by optimizing crew expenses and analyzing their performances
The Solution You Need
  • Master lists: Vessels list, Capacity, Port, country and currency details
  • Crew Information: records of crew personal details, CDC details, Passport details, Vaccinations, tracking of effect declarations, crew bank account information and crew documents (soft copy), and crew sign on/off status. Rest Hour as per TMSA, MLC

  • Payroll and Appraisal: contract, pay slip generation, passing details to bank in CSV format (from office side) Allowances(over time) and deduction(slop chest, radio account, port advance) of crew as per mandatory standard
  • Administrator can create user for accessing this application, keep backup/restore the database and also keep track of mail management
  • Certificates: keeps record of vessel certificate which are based on International maritime standard
  • MIS & BI: users can generate various kinds of reports in graphical and data table form with the help of advanced and simple tools and user interfaces
Marine Personnel Manager
  • Client - Server architecture
  • Compliance to TMSA, MLC 2010 & other conventions
  • Payrolls & salary debit can be auto-integrated with corporate banker's system
  • Provision for riding crew
  • Customizable & proactive crew sign-on/off alerts

  • GIS based crew mapping
  • Provision for easy integration with third party systems
  • Integrated logical intelligence test based online/real time examination system
  • Seamless data sync across fleet and shore offices
  • MIS reports with business intelligence and graphical dashboard
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