Advanced Planned Maintenance System
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APMS (Advanced Planned Maintenance System) is a client server based windows-web software application for managing maintenance, cost control, budgeting, purchasing, Inventory Control and Risk evaluations. APMS offers a cost-effective way to plan and schedule regular maintenance, outline correct work procedures, and maintain inventory for optimal store on board - which all helps maximize earnings for the ship owners. It also has provisions for budget allocation, full requisition to purchase process along with exhaustive graphical reporting and dashboard.

APMS Home – Office/Shore

APMS Vessel : Home

APMS Dashboard Home - Office

User setup in the office module;

  • Allows administrator to create multiple users with varied access privileges to different sections.
  • Job Approval details with respect to each vessel can be done here too.

Master setup at the office is a holistic master database for the entire fleet's maintenance, budget, stores and inventory and purchases;

  • Allows creating multiple vessel profiles.
  • Job can be created for vessel by importing from MS Excel sheets in defined formats.
  • Similar jobs can to assigned to different vessels
  • Spares and tools list; supplier/vendor; machinery and main group lists can be created and assigned to multiple vessels
  • Budgeting can be done for a whole year for each vessel on a prorated basis equally distributed for each month, and with manual override possible


  • View maintenance reports, analyze data and create reports using Dashboard and BI tools
  • Send scheduled jobs/ Approve unscheduled jobs from vessels

Purchasee in the office module;

  • Allows user to create requisition for any vessel (access rights based)
  • Approve/reject requisition from vessel(s)
  • Vendor paneling and raise RFQ
  • Compare quotes and select vendor for whole or part PO
  • Finalize PO and send PO details
  • Stock received/returned onboard updated against PO and closed

Form cache is a is a unique feature by which dynamically a form template can be created and sent across the fleet for future data collection within the system

Master entry in the vessel module:

  • Allows initializing the vessel module setup and preparing a repository of machineries, store list, spares – IMPA/non-IMPA, tools and more.
  • Here Jobs can be created or imported from excel sheet too. In short, this is a one point repository of all master lists or data of board the ship PMS.
Vessel module can be setup by manually populating data onboard or syncing with office module or importing from MS Excel sheets in defined formats.

Planned Maintenance :

  • Plan jobs by simple clicking on calendar; and define maintenance schedules
  • Job Overview – See/Print lists of jobs to be done in the immediate future, as check-lists or with full descriptions of work
  • Report scheduled job completion details to office
  • Report unscheduled job and send it for approval, if required to be included
  • Report or mark breakdown, dry dock jobs also


  • Raise requisition for store items
  • Purchase tacking - Stay updated of requisition status from office (approved/rejected/RFQ/PO)

Stores & Inventory

  • Define threshold limit for each item(s) and auto alert for low stock quantity items
  • Receive/return stock and update quantity
  • Used quantity in job is auto updated
  • View and print inventory list for store(s)
Various tools and features are available for easy-to-use user experience

Dashboard and reports

  • Extensive reporting and easy to navigate and drill down dashboard with pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs and more
  • Risk and cost analysis
  • Flexible, advanced search based data mining and reporting

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