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Enterprise HRMS is a simple web based system consisting of many sub systems which takes care of entire HR management needs of an organization. Sub systems like employee records, e-leave, performance management, policy handbook, task vision and online test system helps an organization to take Hr decisions at a fast and dynamic business environment. Being web based and accessible across devices, it can be easily accessed by all the employees and stakeholders of the organization. Truly it creates a state-of-the-art management process to optimize the entire human resources in a sound and efficient manner.

Performance Management

E-Leave & Task Vision

Online test system

How beneficial is it?
  • Holistic and complete HR management system taking care of employees in an organization starting from their personal information to performance review and appraisal
  • Single point login for both managers and employees to manage their daily attendance, tasks, performance, leave and other HR activities
  • Easy plug and play modules working in sync or independently
  • Value added quality information and business intelligence on organizational man power
  • Web based and easy access across devices
  • Layered and well defined access control enables all users with varied privileges to record and store data in one secure application
The Solution You Need
  • E-Record is a typical employee data repository accessible to both HR Managers & individual employees. It has many unique features like employee strength counter, dynamic letter template creation, auto alert mgmt, export to excel & PDF, attrition report & many more
  • AE-Leave is an online employee leave mgmt system, where employees can apply for leave & get approved by their reporting heads through the web. Also, it keeps track of entitled, consumed, remaining & carried forward leaves automatically. Many other features include, leave calendar, consolidated & individual leave reports, and more

Employee Records

  • Performance Appraisal is a holistic online appraisal system. Here individual & departmental KPI's can be dynamically assigned, edited & deleted as per the need. The system follows an appraisal continuity process starting with self appraisal & finally ending with the employee accepting the appraisal scores given by the manager/ reporting authority. Final appraisal reports (both individual & depart wise) can be viewed as a subjective document or graphical view.
  • Online Screening/ Logical Intelligence Test System (LITS) is an online test system where all kinds of questions (Objective/Subjective) can be created dynamically & assigned to examinees. Assigned test timings, number of questions can be set while assigning a test to an examinee, by an examiner. The online test timer measures & ends the test after the assigned time.
  • Employee Handbook is a simple document management where HR policies & rules are kept. It is web based & can be accessed by everyone depending upon the access privileges. The admin user can add/edit/delete documents, while the general user can only view, save as PDF & take print outs.
  • Task Vision is a simple task management application where teams or individuals can be assigned tasks by their seniors or managers and on completion of those tasks it can be reviewed and analyzed. Projects, individual job assignments, performance ratings and more activities can be managed by this application
Hr Management
  • Holistic view of entire work force
  • Seamless communication amongst employees & their managers for leave request/approvals, task assignments, performance appraisals, and policy updates, online tests, etc.
  • Quick, easy, interactive and simplified work-flow processes

  • Alerts management and template maker for creating dynamic applications, forms, letters, greetings, for all the employees in the system and email them in one go
  • Extensive user driven reporting in graphical & other formats