Voyage Management System
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VMS is a full-featured window based application for all types of vessels including various reports generation as well as a proper Web based application for shore. The VMS system onboard the ship offers the ship staff a powerful tool to keep track of Voyage position, environmental details and many more. The office will associate events to provide the required elements to track each event. It has client-server architecture with desktop version for onboard vessels & web version for office, with email based data interchange between them.
  • Planning Voyage Activities
  • Keeping track of actual voyage execution and process
  • Maintaining historical records & retrieving reports of voyage activities
  • Monitoring events that affect operational efficiency
  • A series of features are provided to capture details such as position, weather, and ballast, amongst others
  • Proper voyage planning and report generation on daily basis
  • Exhaustive reports & dynamic report creation for data mining and retrieving analysis reports
Voyage Planning
  • Voyage Planning
  • Operational events
  • Operational elements
  • Voyage Closure
Voyage Reporting
  • Departure reporting
  • Noon reporting at sea
  • Noon reporting at port
  • Arrival reporting
MIS Reports
  • Voyage SOF
  • Total Operational time per voyage
  • Total Port time per voyage
  • Consumption Vs Speed
  • Lube Oil consumption per voyage
  • Speed Vs Weather Vs Voyage
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