Vendor Management
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Vendor management is a simple and complex process. Simple when number of vendors is less; and complex when it increases and are located across geographies. To simplify this herculean task, we have created a simple, but powerful software to manage, monitor and utilize vendors in an efficient way.
  • The application being web based can be accessed from anywhere via internet (i.e. for more security VPN can be used)
  • Dashboard showing the graphical representation of various data relating to vendor selection, location on map, and more
  • The users can easily change their password to avoid security lapses; change no. of data rows in the result pages for more or less viewing; export data to PDF/Excel sheets and more.

  • Easy front end user access rights/privileges configuration by non-IT personnel
  • Vendor information like their contact, selection/evaluation sheets can be printed for hard copy reference
  • Administrator can assign privileges and form teams for selecting and evaluating vendors
  • Privileged users can evaluate and approve or reject new / existing vendors
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