Fuel Efficiency Management
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This system / application stores voyage related data (daily noon , departure, arrival, anchorage and at-port reports) with fuel consumption and measures how fuel efficient is the vessel. FEMS has two sub systems, one used at office/shore side and other at vessel/sea side. Office side is a web based application which can be accessed both in internet as well as intranet/LAN. Vessel side is an MS excel macros application called Voyage Reporting System (VRS) of small size (less than 1mb) and does not needs installation or hosting.
  • Vessel side application is easy to use and no need to install or host (i.e. MS Excel macros)
  • Small size of data package for ship-shore communication.
  • Data exchange is automated.
  • Dashboard with graphical data representation.

  • Drill down charts and flexi grids.
  • Export data to different formats (i.e. xml, Excel, PDF)
  • Advanced and extensive search functionality.

Vessel side user fills the necessary reports (DNR /arrival/departure/ etc) using VRS excel application and saves it, which generates a text file of size 1kb or less. This text file is then sent to specific mail id.

In the office side, the data ETL (Extract from mail Transfer to certain folder and Load / save data to database) process is automated (i.e. means without any manual intervention of user the file get extracted from email; it is then transferred to certain folder and finally inserted/saved in database). Then through FEMS system office user can view / update the data as per requirement. Further it helps users to analyze the data in graphical formats.

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