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Since our founders and advisors were themselves from the maritime industry, we are experts in this industry and bit more focused towards this industry. We cater to almost the full sphere of maritime industries from Shipyards-to-ship management-to-Ports-to-Ship breaking. Our existing solutions are ready for ship management companies, ship owners, operators, and charterers, dry docking, among others including Port and terminals too.

Ship Management (Technical & Commercial) Software portfolio:
Commercial Software
  • Voyage Planner
  • Voyage Manager
  • Laytime Calculator
  • Vessel Monitoring/Tracking
  • Logistics & Scheduling
  • Invoicing & Statement of Accounts
Technical/ Operations Software
  • Logical Intelligence Test System
  • Marine Personnel Manager
  • Advanced Planned Maintenance System
  • Voyage Reporting
  • Vessel Inspection System
  • Vessel Position Monitor
  • Emission Calculator
  • Vendor Management
  • Shipping KPI Management & Maritime Dashboard
  • Tanker Scheduler System
  • Safety Document Management System
  • Marine Risk Management System
  • Computer Based Training On Principles Of Navigation
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